Actor Lee Minki


そして2005年連続ドラマ『がんばれ グンムスン』でレギュラー出演する。





One and a half years after it goes to Seoul as a model,Good luck came in Mingi again.

Drama city looked for an actor with a dialect,but However, this role was offered to Kang Dongwon. (Lee Minki and Kang Dongwon was same management compnay)

However, the president of the company said that there was an interesting person who used the dialect.
And he recommended Minki to Drama city. Minki debut.


Minki appearance  to the regular drama "Be Strong Geum Soon" in 2005.

However, his dialect became obstructive this time. When he appeared, the audience protested a bulletin board when his dialect was stridency.

The drama writer changed to the setting that because He went to the village in childhood the wording became strange.

At that time, Minki corrects the word hard.
He mended the wording reading the newspaper one character a character holding the ballpoint in his mouth.


Minki keeps performing to 「Taerung National Village」 「Rainbow Romance」「I Really Really Like You」 「Dal Ja's Spring 」 and growing up afterwards.